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The following persons were selected by a committee from nominations submitted by students, staff and community members. Nominees possess these traits:

Each nominee designs a tile which appears on Raganís Wall to inspire and encourage others.  Click on the links below to read the nominations and to view the tiles.

2/2000 -

5/2000 -




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Bob Barsness

Kathy Daggit

Jon Nouwen

Nathan Schweich

Tom Wydella

Valerie Ernst

Aadam Peters

Adam McCord

Kim Hafermann

Elaine Pagels

Mary Wenner

Nate Kane

Deb Trones-Becker 

Beth Busse

Shannon Lorenz

Brad Patchin

Carly Nelson

Cassie Schulberg

Dwyne Smith

Jennifer Reinhardt

Katy (Rieppel) Rieck

Gina Tupy

Linda Bican

Josh Whitmore

Terry Hurni







Darwin Busselman

Heidi Mingo

Lowell Jungers

Tonya Balow

Brian Geis

Tom Westerhaus

Vince Elke

Zach Vanek

Katy Halberg

John Jorgenson

Scott Russell

Sheri Brunner

Dorothy Nicholas

Laura Valdmanis

Christian Vanek

Janice Miller

Dan Saad

Dr. Craig Olson

Sydney O'Keefe

Tim Edeker

Josh Jans

Nancy Jans

Madalyn Baldwin

Charles Lundstrom

Sue Heaton

Sue Bruns