02/23/2000 - KATHY DAGGIT - staff

I am nominating Kathy Daggit to be recognized on Ragan’s Wall because I believe she epitomizes what it is to be a master teacher, coach and friend.  Kathy’s 25 years of service to Prior lake Senior High School speaks to her commitment and dedication.  As a math teacher, she has worked with all levels of students from those in Advanced Placement classes to those who struggle with basic math skills.  She genuinely cares for her students and uses any strategies and techniques she believes will make them successful.  I know of many students who she nurtured not just through math but outside of her classroom as well.  Kathy befriends those needy students.  She is patient, uses her sense of humor to motivate, and speaks plainly to students so they know what is expected.  Kathy does not tell about all of the “extras” she has done for students in need.  She simply goes about finding a way to make their experience here positive.  She is their teacher and their friend.


As a coach, Kathy has always gone the extra mile for her athletes.  She pushes them to achieve but lets them set their own goals.  She cajoles, prods, laughs at and with them, teases, instructs and takes them to task as necessary.  She is extremely competitive personally but tempers her personal drive to win and keeps school sports in proper perspective.  She will pick kids up for practice, take them home from games, feed them, listen to them and give them many messages about what’s important in life.  She has been a confidant for many, many student-athletes.  Again, she does this quietly and without the need for public recognition.


Kathy’s loyalty to her friends is unquestioned.  She is the first to offer help, a sympathetic ear and sound advice.  She freely gives her time and makes sure that she is available in times of crisis.  When I was sick nearly two years ago, she was the first to be sure I was going to be all right.  She reassured me over and over that she would look after my class, correct my papers, do my grades, etc.  She gave up her prep time to teach my class.  She also took it upon herself to do a practice schedule for spring sports and help in my office however she could.  Her constant message to me was not to worry; she had everything under control.  She visited me, kept me posted on news from school and gave me the opportunity to relax knowing she was in charge of taking care of my business.  She has done the same thing for Deb Becker this year.  Kathy organized tests for students, went into the classroom regularly to collect work, did grades, rallied some of the rest of us to help, visited and entertained Deb and made sure information about Deb was communicated.   Kathy does all of this unselfishly and without fanfare.


I know of no one else who deserves to be recognized on Ragan’s wall more than Kathy Daggit.  She has all of the qualities we should be acknowledging as important human qualities.

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