3/13/2002†† DWYNE SMITH Ė past student

As stated in the qualifications for Raganís Wall nominees, this nominee possesses a positive attitude, has a strong character, and has achieved personal accomplishments.


Dwyne Smith, a transfer from a Minneapolis school, has overcome obstacles, has learned and grown through errors, and has taken negative circumstances and turned them into positive.


Being an inner city Minneapolis student, he struggled from peer pressures such as gang involvement, drugs and bad grades.At the age of 16 he decided to take control of his life and moved himself to Prior Lake.He enrolled himself in school, got involved in organized team sports for the first time in his life, and was determined to turn his grades around and be the first in his family to graduate from high school.


He didnít have it easy though.After Prior Lake relatives decided to move to California, Dwyne was faced with nowhere to live.Thatís when I met him. My son brought him home a few times and then asked if he could live with us.As a family we agreed.As the summer months passed, Dwyne, again, fell into the struggles of peer pressures.After some crucial mistakes in his life, he decided to move into an independent living home for men.He, again, was determined to get his life on track.Obtaining a job, continuing in school, and joining the football team all kept Dwyne very busy.Today he still lives in the home for men, has a job, and is now on the track team.He also, for the very first time in his life, made the honor roll.He currently is searching for colleges to attend.


Dwyne is one of the most courageous young men I know.To take himself out of his environment, out of his home, and into a totally different social environment, takes great courage.He is one of the most optimistic young men I know.To stumble and err, and learn from those mistakes is reflective of turning a negative situation into a positive.His determination to make his life good is more determination than many adults possess.


Dwyne is not a normal, typical high school kid, even though he wants to think so.He is above the norm.I donít know too many teenagers who would have made it this far living on their own.Where he is today has been by his own will and determination.For these reasons, I would like to honor Dwyne Smith by nominating him for Raganís Wall.

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