03/16/2007  - Josh Jans- Present Student
  • Josh Jans should be nominated to be a part of Ragan's Wall because he exemplifies all four important qualities.  Josh is always positive and looking towards the bright side of things.  He goes out of his way to help people and is one of the most dependable people I know.  Josh has been involved in SOS, Student Council, football captain, and track, and class officer throughout high school, and he is continuing on to play college football next year.  Not only does Josh donate much of his time, he also donates part of his heart.  Many people have been touched by Josh and many people look up and adore him.
  • I believe Josh Jans is very deserving of a Ragan's Wall award.  Josh volunteers for pretty much everything.  He is an active member of SOS. Josh is a quiet leader.  He has a very calm gentle strength to me.  He was selected by his peers to be captain of the football team and on student council.  Josh puts endless hours into student council and emceeing various events.  He is on the executive board for student council again elected by his peers.  Though Josh gives hours to make PLSH a better place he still takes a high rigger of advanced classes.
  • When I think of nominees for Ragan's wall, my mind automatically goes to Josh.  He definitely has a positive outlook on life.  He easily sees the silver lining to any cloud that comes his way.  Not only that, but he encourages others to embrace the positive things in their life instead of dwelling on the negatives.  Josh has excellent moral character.  Over his four years in high school, Josh has had many opportunities to make bad decisions.  Not only has he not made these decisions, he has made every effort to keep himself out of situations where others are making poor decisions.  Josh has had so many accomplishments in his lifetime that I'm only going to tell about the most recent.  After making the "B" team in his freshman year, Josh continued living his passion for football.  After a year of extremely hard work and much dedication, Josh ended up being a "starter" both his junior and senior years.  His senior year he also gained approval, support, and respect from his peers, as was proven when he was voted captain.  Josh has also had successes in other areas of his life.  He was elected into Student Council and his first year was also elected onto the Executive Board as the Treasurer.  He ahs been a very strong addition to the S.O.S. program now for years.  While keeping this busy schedule he has managed to maintain excellent grades.  Josh is always the first person to give up everything he has for others.  He gives most of his time to the school through programs such as S.O.S. and Student Council, but even when he's not doing that, he's helping someone.  Whether he's your shoulder to cry on, or just that person to tell what happened to you on the weekend, most people have confided in Josh.  He has spent hours and hours listening to others and being that person who really, truly cares about them.  I believe that giving your time to others is the most generous thing of all and the exact depiction of this is Josh Jans.