04/05/2006 - Janice Miller - staff
1.  We would like to present Jan Miller for Ragan's Wall because she is a great person and a valuable employee.  Jan has a great attitude toward her work.  She never is in a bad mood.  She has a big heart and is always ready to help out.  Jan is generous with her time.  Even when she is not feeling the greatest she comes in because it may cause hardships for fellow employees.  Jan also helps out outside of work; in fact, when she lived in South Dakota she ran a soup kitchen.

Please consider Jan for the Ragan's Wall.  She deserves it.  Thank you.

2. I would like to nominate Jan for a place on Ragan's Wall.  Jan is the type of person that everyone wants in their life.  She is caring, compassionate, and there for you even before you know you need her.  I watch the students as they interact with her.  She is here in the school to serve them a meal but more importantly she is here for them.  Jan writes cheery notes like "Have a safe weekend", "Be careful, its cold outside", or "Have a good day."  She truly wants each student to feel that there is a comfortable place here for them.  I watch as the students make that special contact with her each day.  Jan is that quiet, behind the scenes spark of light and joy for everyone.


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