05/23/2000 - KIM HAFERMANN - staff

My mother deserves this honor more than anyone.  She has been there for my sister and me throughout the years.  Kim Hafermann has a positive attitude that rubs off on everyone she meets.  She has always put her children before herself.  In 1992, Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her children were devastated, thinking that they were going to lose their mother.  She kept a positive attitude by stating that “we aren’t going to let the devil get us.”  She is very generous with her time.  She is a Scott County 4-H project leader, para-professional, an ARBA State Representative, a loving wife, and an excellent mother.  She is humorous and dedicated to her job, her hobbies, her friends, and definitely to her children.  (Kim was a Sunday School teacher of Ragan at one time.)

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