05/15/2008 - Nancy Jans - Staff

1) I believe Nancy Jans is very deserving of this award.  She is so kind to the staff and students.  She lets her motherly instincts come out to whomever  she comes in contact with.  She is kind, caring and very welcoming to whomever steps up to the Attendance window.

Nancy always has a positive attitude about her job and her personal life.  I'm not sure how she does it day in and day out with 2000 plus kids and staff.  Nancy has had to deal with finding out her mother had ALS, then caring for, then dealing with the loss of her mother.  She has not missed a beat.

She has raised two great sons, her family has strong faith, I guess that is why she doesn't miss a beat.

Nancy shows genuine personal interest in whomever she is dealing with in any given situation.

For a friend you could not ask for a better one.

2) Nancy Jans is a wonderful person.  Plain and simple, Nancy Jans works with students every day and is so kind and polite to everyone she works with.  Kids love working with her because she is so friendly.  Nancy Jans is always willing to help people out.  She understands students, she never excludes anyone from a conversation, she is open and always willing to listen to students and staff.  Students who have graduated will come back to school just to visit Nancy Jans.  Due to Nancy's wonderful character people, staff and students enjoy working with her and appreciate everything she does for the high school.