05/15/2008 - Sue Bruns- Community Member
Sue Bruns is probably the most energetic and positive person I know who has truly made a difference in the Prior Lake-Savage School district.  As a member of the PL-Savage School Board for many years, we have seen the changes and impact made by Sue Bruns.  She is no longer on the School Board but you will always see her around school visiting, laughing and of course, a smile is always on her face.  Sue Bruns is one of those people who is willing to put in the extra hours to get things done and to make sure things get done right. Anyone who has worked with Sue before knows how positive and fun she is.  Her positive attitude and strong and genuine character make her a great role model to many and would be a great addition to Ragan's Wall.  She upholds all the same qualities as Ragan; attitude, character, and generosity.