03/14/03TERRY HURNI – staff

Mr. Hurni is an excellent candidate for Ragan’s Wall.  For years Mr. Hurni has been teaching his math students to “feel the flow.”  His welcoming attitude and genuine love for this career is always showing.  Whether a teacher needs help with their computer or a student with their math, Mr. Hurni always has time to help.  A student can always find the door to Mr. Hurni’s office open, whether to get help with math or just sit down and enjoy a Tootsie Pop, Mr. Hurni is always openhearted.  Being the only teacher who is still here from when the school opened its doors in 1969, it’s only fitting that the teacher with the longest history here is honored the year that this school closes its doors.  Mr. Hurni belongs on Ragan’s Wall because he represents generosity, dedication and what Prior lake Senior High has represented for the last thirty-four years and will represent for years to come.

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