05/23/2000 - AADAM PETERS - present student

Leadership in high school is often thought of as being the president of an organization or the captain of a sports team.  However, I believe leadership can also be demonstrated through a positive attitude, strength of character, and generously giving of oneself.  Aadam Peters shows this quiet leadership in the classroom, at school, and through church activities.  During his sophomore year, Aadam dealt with health concerns that eventually lead to undergoing major surgery.  His positive attitude and personal strength contributed to his healing process.  In the classroom, Aadam demonstrates a positive attitude through his cooperation with peers and instructors.  He is a frequent participant in class discussions and works diligently at completing tasks.  At school, he shows a genuine concern for others and activities he is involved with.  His concern for others is demonstrated in the respect he shows towards teachers and his classmates.  He played an important role in the success of the school store during the first two trimesters of operation.  Aadam has also demonstrated his quiet leadership as he has participated in service projects in Mexico through his church.

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