05/23/2000 - ELAINE PAGELS – parent/community

  1. This person is always doing something special, not only for the schools but for others.

    My wife had the misfortune to be hospitalized four times this past year.  Last spring, Elaine organized a group of students that came out to our home and cleaned our entire house thoroughly.  Top to bottom.  This past fall she did the same thing, including three boys from Holy Angels.  They not only cleaned the house but also washed all the windows and hung storm windows.

    She brings food and homemade soups to people in need.  I’ve accused her of making soup in 55 gallon drums!!

    She also has done murals at Pond’s Edge, on the concession stand and lord only knows how many others.
  2. Elaine Pagels majored in art, is a homemaker and decided to start her own business “Imagine That!” which has become quite successful.  She has painted in homes, schools, public buildings, The Decorators Show House, businesses, and more.  She is always delighted to do anything she can to help a community and share her talent.  Elaine has spent a lot of her time to teach while painting several murals, mosaics, and other art projects through Y.D.A.C. (which she jointly is the leader) synergy, and the school district.  She has taught this willingness to serve to her children and others.

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