04/21/04Darwin Busselman – staff

Mr. Busselman is the teacher I am nominating for Ragan’s Wall.  “Buffy” has touched the lives of thousands of students throughout his teaching career of thirty-plus years.  Everyone loves his sense of humor, always telling entertaining stories about his kids and insurance problems in Personal Applied Math and Algebra-Trig classes.  He gives everyone a second chance as well.  When the year first started my sophomore year, Mr. Busselman and I had clashing personalities.  I decided so he wouldn’t hate me, I would try to get along with him and not try to be so stubborn.  We got along really well at the end of the year, making his class even better.  He has also been coaching football and baseball for over thirty years.  Being an athlete himself in high school, he knows everything about both games.  I remember when we worked on our assignments he would sit in his chair, put up his feet, and watch a tape of the games to figure out what they need to do better, being sure to fast forward in between plays.  Last year, whenever I asked for some food from the extra food Personal Applied Math left behind, he’d let us dig in and finish off the food.  Everyone knows who Buffy is when you mention him.  No one will forget Buff after he retires this year, with his “whatcha talkin’ about Willis and “Mickey Mouse” tactics to help students better understand math.  He lastly wrote the Personal Applied Math curriculum to teach us about insurance, housing, taxes, and math we will be using the rest of our life.


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