4/18/01- DEB TRONES-BECKER - staff

I nominate Mrs. Trones-Becker with the utmost confidence that she is deserving of this recognition.Mrs. Becker is one of the most beautiful people, inside and out, that I know.She can easily be compared to a flower.Most of the time, she is in full bloom.There is no denying that she has an ongoing positive attitude, a strong character, and more generosity than she knows what to do with.Just like a flower whose petals are outstretched towards the sky, Mrs. Beckerís smile outstretches towards the hearts of those around her.She is so generous with her time, knowledge, patience, and smiles.Although the sun goes down for what seems to be an eternity at times, just like a closed bud of a flower; beauty still remains.Even at times when Mrs. Becker wasnít feeling fresh, she would never succumb to the feelings of unhappiness because of her love for life.Just how the nectar of a flower is offered to a bee, Mrs. Becker is the source in which life comes from.She has this incredible ability to reach others without saying a word.Always more concerned about others than herself, Mrs. Becker looks for and finds the best in people.

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