3/13/2002 - CARLY NELSON – present student

Carly is an extraordinary person.  She is motivated, dedicated and has a positive attitude in everything she does.  Carly is ethical and works hard to do her best whenever she has an opportunity.  She has a strong desire to succeed whether she enjoys what she is doing or not.  Some of her accomplishments include excelling in volleyball and softball both through school and in the off-season.  She is a motivator and leader in student council along with being an active member in her church and community.  She has had a job for quite a long time while still managing to keep excellent grades.  She taught herself how to play the guitar and also wrote a few songs.  Carly is a very busy individual yet she finds plenty of time to help others in need.  She has been sponsoring a child for two years.  She is a great friend, always asking how your day is going and brightening it with a hug.  She is a wonderful, unique woman that is blessed with many talents and virtues.  She has never been afraid to be herself or stand up for what is right.  Carly demonstrates all of the characteristics and is an excellent candidate for Ragan’s Wall.

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