05/15/2008 - Charles Lundstrom - Staff

On June 6th of this year Charles Lundstrom will be leaving with all of the seniors.  He is retiring after many years of service to this district as a communications teacher.  Mr. Lundstrom is an amazing individual who has impacted many lives over the years.  He is such a creative person who gives so much back to this school.  Mr. Lundstrom has left such an impact on my life that I, like many others, will never forget what he has taught us.  Mr. Lundstrom's life has been about educating others, he knows how to ask the right questions that make you think.  He is so positive and creative that he will be missed by all.  Mr. Lundstrom's ability to get all students interested and involved is what makes him one of the best teachers to ever walk through the doors at Prior Lake High School.  Mr. Lundstrom fits all the qualities shared with Ragan Durrenberger; he will be missed greatly next year.