3/13/2002   CASSIE SCHULBERG – past student

1.                 Cassie Schulberg is an outstanding candidate to be included on Ragan’s Wall for a number of reasons.  Throughout her many school, community, and church activities she has always demonstrated an outstanding attitude, commitment, complete loyalty, and a genuine concern for others.  Through her generosity, and by taking a very positive approach to everything she does, Cassie is not only admired by all that know her, but has truly become an outstanding role model for a number of young people in Prior Lake.  This has been clearly demonstrated not only in her days at Prior Lake High School but also through her teaching of community dance classes.  It is in these classes where the outstanding influence she has had on many young dancers has been widely recognized and appreciated by a number of parents.  Because of the way she conducts herself, it has been said by more than one parent that the best wish they could have for their child is for them to grow up to be just like Cassie Schulberg.  Cassie always takes a positive approach to everything she does and continually looks to find the good in everybody and every situation.  Her attitude is contagious and makes everyone she interacts with a better person.  To put it simply, she always greets everyone with a smile.

Cassie Schulberg is an outstanding individual and truly demonstrates the qualities represented by Ragan’s Wall and is an excellent candidate to be included.

2.                 Cassie is a cheerleader of life.  She always has a kind thing to say to all.  She was particularly kind to Nathan Schweich; she would take him to sporting events, along with taking him to Homecoming, Snowball and other dances.

She teaches dance at the Prior Lake Dance Studio.  All the little kids love her.  Over all very talented and willing to share her knowledge and her expertise; very patient and loving ways with every one she is in contact with.

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