02/23/2000 - Jonathan Nouwen Ė present student

I would like to nominate Jonathan Nouwen for the Reagan Wall.I have known Jon since fourth grade.We didnít get along back then, but now we have become the best of friends.When Jon and I first started to hang out I realized that he is so amazing.I have never seen anyone so devoted to all of his or her activities as he is.He has a certain passion to do things and always make them right.First I would like to share some of the wonderful things Jon has done that a lot of people donít really know about.


This summer my cat, Pistol, got really sick, and I was really worried.I took her into the vet on a Friday night, and they told me they wanted to keep her over night.My parents were out of town that weekend for my brothers baseball tournament, and when the vet told me I would have to pick her up in the morning I got worried because I had to work and I couldnít go get her.Jon does not like cats, and he is allergic to them, but he saw how worried and upset I was that my cat wouldnít be okay.He got up early in the morning and picked her up at the Prior lake Hospital.He told me that he would take her to a hospital I had found in Apple Valley that would monitor her 24 hours a day.He even stopped at my work and brought Pistol in so that I could see her, before she went into surgery.Well the next day my parents came home and told me that the vet said there isnít a good chance that Pistol will make it (she had developed a liver, and kidney disease.)Then I had to make the hardest decision in my life.That Sunday night I put my cat to sleep.Jon came to visit me at work that day, and he came over the next day to comfort me while I cried.I will never forget what he has done for me.


A couple of summers ago, some of my friends and I went to a friends families property.We set up tents, went swimming, played games, and cooked food.In the middle of the night a big storm blew through.It was scary.I watched the lake form a water funnel.Well that storm blew over the neighbors boatlift.Jon and I were the only ones awake that early in the morning, and when Jon saw that man get out and try to pull over his metal lift, Jon got up and went to help him.I remember watching him and thinking what a wonderful person.He didnít know this person, it was just one of Jonís many acts of kindness that he does for others.


Jon cares about his friends very much and he is always there to lend a hand.This summer he must have spent at least a weekís worth of time putting in three of his friendís stereo systems.He would go over and work for at least four hours, never complaining.He just wanted to be with his friends and help them out.Also during the summer one of my friends broke his collarbone.My friend and another friend were wrestling in my living room, and all of a sudden we heard a crack, and there was my friend on the ground with a broken collarbone.Jon rushed over there and told us what we needed to do (none of us except for Jon knew what to do.)He was magnificent; it was like watching one of those ambulance shows on TV.


The reason that Jon knows so much is because he has been in Boys Scouts since he was a little boy.He has recently earned his Eagle Scout.This is the highest achievement you can reach, and not everyone can make it.He had to put a lot of effort into getting his Eagle Scout and I remember what he had to do to get it, and I am so proud of him.Jon has shared with me his stories about his Boy Scout adventures, and Iím telling you if you are ever stranded, itís Jon you want around.


He is very talented when it comes to physical things.He has been to state for track and is undefeated on his corner.Even though he did not play on varsity for soccer this year, I still heard his coaches talking and watching him in awe, and then say stuff like ďlook at that force, heís a monster!ĒJon loves to snowboard and skateboard.He says it is his way of relieving any stress that he has.Jonís friends tell me all the time how people make remarks about how good he is at it.I guess people will just sit there and watch him.


When it comes to his homework, Jon is definitely more dedicated than I am.Although his grades may not show it, Jon is remarkably smart, and I can see how frustrated he gets when he knows something, but when it comes time to tests, he just goes blank.The first thing Jon does on the weekdays is his homework, and he will work at it until he is done.He cares a lot about his grades.


Jon also does things for the church.Recently he has just helped out Gina Tupy.He started to paint a mural in our youth room.Jon is a terrific painter.He also painted my room.


I will never forget the times that Jon has helped his family out.He is the responsible one, and when things need to get done, he does them.The second Jon gets home from school, and we have had a bad storm, he is out there shoveling the driveway for his family.He also helps his Dad out with his work, does chores around the house, and every night he makes sure he is home so he can eat dinner with his family.


Jon is also a great listener.If any of my friends have problems, they go to Jon.He will sit there and let you vent, never saying a word until you are done.Then he will calmly suggest some options for you.He never takes you seriously if you are rude to him because you are crabby, and he never, ever will yell.He is also wonderful at keeping secrets.If you tell him anything it stays in his memory and does not leave.


I guess the reason I want Jon to be on the wall is because he does so many great things for everyone else, and I think he deserves some recognition.He is the sweetest person you will ever meet.

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