04/05/2006 - Sheri Brunner- community
On a recent band trip to London, I got to know a wonderful woman named Sheri Brunner.  She spent a lot of time getting to know people from the band.  Sheri was easy to get to know and communicate with.  She often greets the students she knows well with a hug.  She is an extremely caring individual that has been a valuable leader in the band boosters for years.  Many projects were completed with her help and organization including our band shirts and help with the slide show after our trip.  While away from home, Sheri became our "Band Mommy".  She has a way of making you feel like one of her own kids.  She also took care of the sick kids and asked others if they were feeling okay.  At times when we needed a leader in replacement, Sheri took charge and was able to comfortingly deliver hard news.  Her amazing character led many of us to seek her out and want to be around her.  She exemplifies all of the elements needed to be on Ragan's Wall.  Sheri stayed behind to supervise kids and never grumbled.  The day after we got back, Sheri came to our pep Band event to talk with us.

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