04/20/2005 - Tom Westerhaus - community
Tom Westerhaus has a passion for students and education.  His unending devotion is demonstrated on a daily basis.  There is no one more dedicated than this man.  Therefore, I would like to nominate him for the honor of being chosen for Ragan’s Wall.

Some of the specific areas that he excels at are:

  1. Attitude – Tom has a passion for students and staff.  He has never ending energy and he directs that energy to our district.  Tom believes in developing the potential in all people.  He demonstrates this with students; helping them excel in their leadership skills, with staff; mentoring them to help them succeed.  Just one of the many ways Tom accomplishes this, is by being very involved in programs that offer mentorship.  He travels with students to Winnipeg every year for the MUNA program.  This program gives students the change to participate in a model UN program.  Tom also has been a mentor to aspiring administrators.  He counsels staff that would like to expand their leadership skills and helps steer them in the right direction.  He believes in the dev elopement of individuals to their highest potential.  He is a devoted individual.
  2. Character – His character is exemplary.  Tom is a fun-loving yet serious person.  He enjoys staff and student interactions and is very thoughtful.  He keeps on top of staff and student accomplishments and never fails to recognize them, whether it is a card or note that he handwrites!
  3. Personal Accomplishments – On the academic side, Tom has accomplished many things.  He has taught in the classrooms, has been an administrator and a superintendent.  Prior to coming to our district, Tom was superintendent in another school district for over 12 years.  His passion for education has directed his accomplishments.

    On a personal side, the Westerhaus’ are a very close family, with Betsy, Tom’s wife (an educator as well) and 4 children.  He is looking forward to being a grandparent some day (he hopes soon!). Tom is very close to his children.  He remains very active in their lives.

    The only area that Tom could improve on would be getting out on our trail system and doing some cross-country skiing!
  4. Demonstrations of Generosity – Tom is a busy man.  Although his hectic schedule is tight, Tom always has time for students and staff.  He listens and helps individuals discover solutions to their situations.  Tom has mentored many people and remains a resource in their lives.  His day starts before 7:00 a.m. and most days ends after 9:30 p.m.  When he does have spare time, he attends student-sporting events to support our Laker athletes.  He is amazing!

 Ragan’s Wall is such a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge those that exemplify these behaviors in honor of Ragan.

 Please consider Tom Westerhaus as a person that would fit all of the criteria to be one of your selections for this prestigious award!


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