04/20/2005 - Zach Vanek - Present Student

I would like to nominate Zach Vanek for Raganís Wall because I feel that he is the perfect candidate.  Zach has been a part of my life for nearly three years and I know him better than anyone.  Zach lost his brother Nate this August in an auto accident.  Through the initial shock and grieving, he was the rock for his family and his community.  Despite his pain, he spoke on the news, talked to the newspaper, handled his football team through the entire season as their captain.  While he should have been taking care of himself, he was only thinking about the well-being of those around him.  He comforted his family, friends, and even people he didnít know.  Zach is an older brother to three boys.  Everything that he does in his life is keeping their best interest in mind.  He is their role model and they are his number one fans.  Zach has spent a large portion of his life caring for his brothers while his mom was sick and his dad was always working.  Through it all, he never complained because he knows what unconditional love is.  Most people donít know how much heís been through because he is so strong inside and so selfless.  I admire Zach for the person he is.  He is an amazing person and he deserves to be recognized for all of his accomplishments in life.  Those are just a few of the reasons that I would like to nominate Zach Vanek for Raganís Wall.