05/15/2008 - Madalyn Baldwin - Student

1)We are nominating Maddie Baldwin because of her dedication to our school.  She is very involved in several activities.  She is very reliable.  You can count on Maddie.  She is very generous with her time and a hard worker.  Besides being so involved, she continues to be an honor student.  Maddie is always friendly to her peers.

2) Maddy Baldwin is the first person who comes to my mind when I think of a successful, yet humble person.  Maddy is such a strong leader at PLHS; however, leads without the desire for recognition or reward.  She is the NHS Secretary and holds a lot of responsibilities.  Maddy is always present and on time to meetings and is up to date with her tasks.  Maddy's leadership and accountability also shines through in basketball where she holds the position of co-captain.  She is a strong leader for her team and was a source of encouragement for the girls.  Maddy holds the respect of her peers as well, for she was elected as the vice-president of the senior class.  Maddy leads the senior class with a positive attitude and a respectable character.

Maddy's character is certainly her most admirable quality.  She is part of S.O.S. and definitely is deserving of a position in this group.  Maddy listens whenever anybody needs to talk, regardless of the business of her schedule.  She gives great advice and takes everything to heart.  When asked for help, Maddy will give her honest advice.  Maddy does everything she can to help everybody with or without recognition.  She truly cares about the response when asking her friends how they are doing.

Maddy's selflessness reflects through her time spent helping not only friends and peers but little kids at her church.  Maddy is a Sunday school teacher and takes this position seriously.  No matter how tired she has been the morning after staying out late at dances, Maddy will get up early to go to church and teach Sunday school.  This strong character of Maddy has stood out in other ways as well.  Maddy does not give in to peer pressure.  She knows who she is and who she wants to be.  Maddy doesn't let anything get in the way of that and continues to be an honest and respectable person.

Maddy does not take the easy way out of anything.  When it comes to school, Maddy takes extremely rigorous courses and excels at them.  The most admirable thing, however, is the effort she puts in.  When Maddy does not understand something, she will continue to problem solve until she reaches an explanation.

Maddy does not care as much about receiving a high grade or receiving acknowledgement as she does about understanding and gaining more knowledge.

My favorite thing about Maddy is that she does not do things for any form of recognition or reward.  I respect Maddy so much because of her honesty and generosity.  She is truly the sweetest, most caring girl I have ever met in my life.  I just thought everyone should know exactly how sweet, respectable, caring, and admirable Maddy Baldwin is.