4/18/01 - BETH BUSSE - staff

1.     Beth has worked at the high school since 1983.  She loves her job and loves being around the kids.  They know she’s genuine and has a rare quality of connecting with people and making everyone feel welcome.  To Beth, going the extra mile is the norm, always willing to lend a helping hand or directing you to someone who can.

We all look forward to our mouth watering, monthly gatherings and they go much smoother with Beth organizing both the set up and clean up.  (A thankless job taken for granted too often.)

She’s also in charge of the Sunshine Club, making calls to send flowers with well wishes or sympathy to those in need of comfort.

Anyone who meets Beth can be seen walking away with a smile.  I admire her a great deal and like to think of her as the caretaker of the entire building.  She takes care of all of us while sharing her positive outlook on life.

2.     I nominate Beth Busse for Ragan’s Wall.  At Prior Lake High School, you can always count on a warm friendly greeting, a kind, caring listener, and a cup of coffee from Beth in the Audio-visual office.

Beth is a lifelong active Laker and Laker supporter as a Prior Lake student, a mother of Prior Lake graduates, and as an employee in the schools.  Cheerleader, Student Council, Class Officer, Annual Editor, Paper Staff, Chorus, C.A.A., Class Play, Office Girl, Queen Candidate and Pep Club were the many high school activities listed in the ’59 Priorian Yearbook.  She is described there as “An ingenious gal who will always be a pal.”  The many activities of her five children, kept her involved throughout their school years.

I have worked with her for the last eighteen years in the media services area.  From the A-V office, Beth provides behind-the-scene service to staff and students.  Not only does she provide and deliver the supplies and equipment that staff needs in their classroom, but also for community and school events of all kinds.  There is a constant stream of staff and students in and out of the office.  They come for A-V items, for conversation, for treats and a cup of coffee.  She goes the extra mile – always cheerfully ready to help out on the job or at special events.  At any occasion, Beth is helping to plan it, to prepare for it, to set-up and to clean up.  Wherever help is needed, Beth is helping.  She serves on the Sunshine Committee sending out cards and letters.

Her attitude is always upbeat and positive.  She is a friend to all of us.

3.     I would like to take this time to nominate Beth Busse for Ragan’s Wall.  I’ve known and had the pleasure of working with Beth Busse for the past 15 years and during that time Beth has demonstrated, on a daily basis, the criteria that should earn her a tile on Ragan’s Wall.  Beth is one of the most caring and unselfish individuals I have ever met!  Each and every day she touches the life of one of the students at P.L.H.S.  As for her personal accomplishments she not only holds a full time job but also raised a beautiful family and was/is very active in her church and the Sunshine Committee.  Beth’s positive attitude, generosity and smiles make all those near her feel special.

4.     Beth is forever helping someone in some fashion or another, whether it is a student, faculty or whatever.
If a student needs some help of any kind or other she is there.  She will bring in a tape at the end of the day that they need to watch, even it if means she will need to stay late.
She is forever pleasant and ready to help one and all regardless of need.

5.     Beth has been a “rock” and “friend” to staff and students for many years.  There is nothing that she will not do; she does it with charm, with good manners, and with haste.  She is a mentor to many if not all students that she helps.

6.     Beth Busse deserves your consideration for this award because of her unselfish dedication to this high school.  Her character is such that as a role model she is unequaled.  As far as Beth’s attitude goes, I’ve never seen her in a bad mood of any kind.  Instead, she always has that ever-present smile on her face.  I’ve never seen a situation in which a student who needed something done immediately, where Beth didn’t immediately drop what she was doing to help that student first.  Over the years of Beth’s service to this district, she has earned this recognition!

7.     I would like to nominate Beth Busse for inclusion on Ragan’s Wall.  I can think of no finer representative than Beth for this honor.  I’ve realized these past few days that Beth is truly the backbone of the school – and perhaps is someone that all of us have “taken for granted” for years.  I sometimes see her as the quintessential mother of us all.  First of all, there is Beth in her “job.”  As AV coordinator, she does it all.  No matter what I’ve needed or how “last minute” I’ve needed it, Beth has always been there for me – from television in the classroom to a last minute laminating job to a microphone or slide projector in the auditorium to phone calls on the weekend when the sound system wasn’t working – Beth has always been there with a smile.  I know that I’m not the only one.  We all depend on Beth to “be there,” and she always is – with a smile.
Beth is also there for the students.  I know many students over the years who have “aided” in the AV department because Beth is there “aiding” them.  Oftentimes they are the students who could easily “slip through the cracks” of our school.  Beth has always been there for them and has made school a whole lot better for many of them.  I had the opportunity to direct plays with Beth for a few years in the early to mid 1990’s.  After her youngest son Cory graduated, she decided it was time that she too “become involved in theater.”  She, of course, was wonderful.  She would take care of things before I’d even begin to think of them.  I think she would take care of me, even when I wasn’t aware of it.

Aside from all of that, Beth has served as part of the “sunshine committee” as long as I can remember.  She is the one who makes sure the birthday calendars are up, she was one of the “co-founders” of the monthly faculty breakfast or lunch potlucks, she makes sure that everyone has a little “sunshine” in their lives.  There isn’t a single person that Beth hasn’t somehow touched in our building.

Beth Busse is one of the most selfless individuals I know.  I can think of no one more deserving for the Ragan’s Wall honor and strongly encourage the committee to include her as an honoree.  Thank you.

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