4/18/01 - MARY WENNER - staff

My mom is the hardest working woman in the world.  Monday through Friday she comes to the school and works under a lot of stress, comes home for a couple hours to a noisy family, finds time to take a walk to enjoy the day, and then on Monday’s and Friday’s she works at the County Market at the Customer Service desk.  Now, anyone who works with customer services can tell you it is not an easy job, and can be quite stressful.  People are always whining, complaining, and yelling at you.  She also deals with all of the obnoxious kids that try to get out of school, and she manages to keep record of everyone at the school.  It is amazing she doesn’t go insane.  My mom never calls in sick, and she does her job well.  As you can tell everyone loves her at the school, teachers and students.  She has a glowing personality, and she has become a person people know they can trust and confide in.


My mom helps out with the community whenever she can, and she does it a lot.  She sells script at our church before and after mass, she comes and cleans when it is her turn, and also participates in fundraisers and taste tests for the St. Michael’s school and parish.  She would do anything to help out.  She is also on the committee for the senior lock in party.  She attends City Council meetings to try and improve our neighborhood.  If anyone is ever in a jam my mom is there to do what she can.  If you need her to work for you she does it, if you need help with something she stops what she is doing and listens.


My mom is a very busy person with her job and her extracurricular activities with the community, yet somehow she always manages to be there for her husband and kids.  She always comes to our sporting events, and is the loudest fan there.  She wouldn’t miss us for the world.  She always tried to give us what we need if it is affordable, and she is always there for you to talk.  My mom loves people and is always goofing around with my friends, she loves them and they love her.  My father is the same way, and I love them both so much.


My mom cares so much and loves everything she does.  I know she would feel so special to be on the wall.  She definitely deserves it.

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