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Why the Wall Began


Dedicated to Ragan Durrenberger

Raganís Wall was dedicated to the memory of Ragan Durrenberger on February 23, 2000.  Ragan was the unintended victim of a shooting at a Minneapolis, MN nightclub on September 21, 1998.  His co-workers at  Phase 2, a cellular phone company in Phoenix, Arizona, described him as a person who ďconsistently demonstrated a positive attitude, perseverance, a drive for excellence in his work, and the ability to build positive relationships.  Ragan displayed genuine care and concern for all people.Ē  Phase 2 dedicated their All-Star Wall to Ragan in September, 1998.  This wall recognized their top sales people, who decorated tiles which appeared on the All-Star Wall.  Ragan's tile was placed there in August, 1998.

Hearing of the Phase 2 All-Star Wall, Dr. Craig Olson, principal in 1999, was inspired.  He discussed with PLHS staff how such an idea could be used in the school and from these discussions, Ragan's Wall evolved.  S.O.S. happily accepted the responsibility of overseeing the selection process and the assembly where the inductees are recognized.

Old and New School

Raganís Wall, dedicated in 2000, first appeared on the cafeteria wall near the auditorium and the two gymnasiums at Prior Lake Senior High School, Prior Lake, MN .  When the new school was opened in September 2003,†Raganís Wall was moved to the new high school where it hangs near the student entrance on the lower level of the school.

Criteria for being nominated to Raganís Wall

Each year additional nominees are selected to design a tile to be placed on Raganís Wall.† Nominations for students, staff or community members are submitted for persons containing any or all of the following characteristics:

  • positive attitude,
  • strong character,
  • personal accomplishments or
  • demonstrations of generosity.

A committee chooses the individuals to be recognized at an all school assembly usually held in March or April.

Students Offering Support (SOS)

SOS is the sponsoring organization for Raganís Wall.† This organization originally determined the criteria for the nomination form, and with the help of advisor Lynn Lauer, emcees the annual assembly and continues to support Raganís Wall.


Lynn Lauer, SOS faculty representative

SOS - 2000


Nominating Committee

The nominating committee consists of Lynn Lauer, SOS faculty representative; Craig Olson, school administrator; Sue Bruns, school board member; and student representatives from SOS.

Other Awards Given to Nominees

A Certificate of Honor is presented to each nominee at a special assembly held at the Prior Lake, MN high school.

The recipients also receive a t-shirt.