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-A motto to live by.

Live like there’s no tomorrow,

Laugh lots

“Love  like you’ll never get hurt,

“Dance like nobody’s watching

and never forget to



Favorite Saying

“I shall fear no man, but God . . .”



Biographical Information


Ragan was born May 19, 1974, the son of Richard Durrenberger and Rebecca Hinz Durrenberger at Wyoming/Forest Lake, Minnesota, moving to Prior Lake, Minnesota at the age of one month.  He lived in Prior Lake where he attended school, graduating from Prior Lake High School in 1992.  He attended Normandale Community College while working at Pizza Hut and Merry-Go-Round clothing store.  He moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1994 where he worked for Sparta Industries and Phase 2.

On September 21, 1998 Ragan was the unintended victim of a fatal shooting at Southbeach Nightclub in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He is buried in Effingham, Kansas next to his grandparents, Bill and Vesper Hinz.

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Personal Interests (in addition to Friends)

Cartoon Character:  Speedy Gonzales

Music:  Listened to all types of music:  played trumpet in the high school marching, concert and jazz bands.  He also played trumpet and drums in Los Banditos, the school Pep Band. 

Sports:  During his school years, Ragan participated in bowling, baseball, basketball and soccer.  After high school, he was active in softball leagues (one game gave him a broken nose) and golf.

Favorite foods:  Crab legs, shrimp cocktail, barbequed ribs

Church:  Member of Holy Trinity United Methodist Church, Prior Lake, MN.

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Tributes from Ragan’s Friends

*      “I have no room for sadness or regret or remorse for those qualities and Ragan seldom met.  My life has a higher sense of purpose because of Ragan.” – Marcus Russell, AZ

*      “Since the first day we met, I knew Ragan was something special . . . Ragan made every time a funny and memorable one . . . He always did little things to make me feel special.”  -Jaymi Morris, MN

*      “Ragan had strength . . . He gave love, respect and so many other things.  It is a privilege knowing . . . such a fine human-being.” – Matt Lidle, AZ

*      “We had so many deep conversations; he really made me realize the little things count. . . He taught me not to take anything for granted.”  - Carie Hemmingson, MN

*      “I can think of few people that I have ever met that have more integrity and less prejudice than Ragan.  He has helped many people feel good about themselves and strive to be better because of that.”  -David Henman, AZ

*      “I have always enjoyed Ragan’s laughter, his joy, his wit, his charm and his ability to make others enjoy those qualities that God blessed him with.” – Jamie Sotis, MN

*      “He touched our hearts in a special way, whether he was teaching sales skills or instructing the proper way to chip on the green.  He always understood our obstacles, and helped us overcome them, to achieve our goals.” –Jimmy Young and Shannon Adams, AZ

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