03/16/2007  - Sydney O'Keefe- Present Student
To be on Ragan's Wall is a big honor and also a big accomplishment and sometimes people are just given a pat on the back for doing something truly outstanding but they really should be recognized for their work.  That is why I am nominating Sydney O'Keefe to be on Ragan's Wall.  Sydney has so many great qualities.  She has an amazing personality.  She is caring, loyal, and a great leader.  Her attitude is always positive and when going through hard times.  She steps over the obstacles.  Sydney is not only captain of lacrosse but hockey, too.  She has a voice that people listen to and she gives her time to people, to help them improve when she could be the one practicing.  Sydney has become the leading scorer in women's hockey at Prior Lake High School.  Overall Sydney O'Keefe is someone that will always be there for you and will always listen to what you have to say.  This is why I am nominating Sydney O'Keefe for Ragan's Wall.